Joseph Bernard Malki

A Visionary at the Intersection of Sustainability and National SecuritY

Joseph B. Malki is a distinguished polymath with over thirty years of expertise, shaping the global market’s transformation toward sustainability while safeguarding American national security. Renowned as a thought leader, Malki’s illustrious career bridges the realms of business development, integrated marketing, art, photography, green event production, sustainable development, worker-owned cooperatives, information technology, and public-private partnerships. He has served in the Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and volunteered for Operation Noble Eagle & Operation Enduring Freedom. He is a member at large of Homeland Security Administrations Infragard.

Malki has excelled as a senior management consultant, serving a diverse clientele, including sustainable small businesses, as well as the State of California, the City and County of San Francisco, and Asheville’s Mayor Terry Bellamy. His interim system administration roles have included prestigious Madison Avenue marketing agencies like Alcone Marketing (Jose Cuervo), Lowe McAdams (WebMD), and Hample-Stefanedes (Steve Madden, Castor, Aer Lingus). At Event Pro Strategies, Malki developed projects for American Idol, US Army-NASCAR, General Mills, Turner Networks, and Loews Theaters. Notably, he architected one of the largest model talent databases in the US. He also developed Seven-Star’s database, once recognized as the world’s largest green business-to-business database.


Leadership in Green Event Production
Co-founder and Vice President at Seven-Star, Inc., Malki pioneered sustainable event production. He was instrumental in designing the Green Festivals series (2001-2013), a major sustainable product and service exposition in collaboration with partners such as Georgia Malki, Alan van de Kamp Grau, Greg Roberts, and Dr. Kevin Dannahert. These expositions, held in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., drew millions of attendees and hundreds of media partners.

In 2009, Malki launched the Green Cities™ event series, fostering business-government collaboration on sustainability, offering on-site continuing education credits, green workforce development, and professional networking. The brand was later acquired by The Green Cities Company, an ESG asset management firm.

Under his leadership, Seven-Star earned the EPA’s Gold Waste Wise Award in 2008 for recycling at public venues and greened the 2009 Democratic National Convention. In 2007, Seven-Star secured the global greening contract for the Live Earth concert series, where Malki led the efforts in Shanghai, achieving an 82% waste diversion rate.

Pioneering Environmental Activism
Malki’s dedication to sustainability began in his college years. At 18, he invested in non-toxic inks and organic cotton shirts, supporting campaigns like the “Save the Rainforest Campaign” and the “Save the Mountain Lion Campaign.” He co-designed the first integrated waste diversion program at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, California, laying the foundation for Seven-Star’s later event greening services.

Malki joined The Blue Mango cooperative restaurant, producing fundraising concerts for Hurricane Mitch and the Sustainable Research Area. He also led grassroots efforts to preserve significant scientific and cultural assets at the University of California at Davis, culminating in the establishment of the Sustainable Research Area.

As a keynote speaker, Malki has presented at the University of California’s Plan it Green Conferences, the International Festival and Events Association in Australia, SXSW, and the United Nations and International Olympic Community World Conference on Sport and the Environment in Beijing, China. He was among the first 1,000 students trained by Al Gore’s Climate Project to present the scientific basis for climate change.

Americanism and Early Life
A native Texan, Malki’s commitment to American principles is deeply rooted. Born to immigrant parents and a military family, his upbringing was shaped by a blend of Catholic and Syrian Orthodox Christian values. His father, a US Marine and later a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force, instilled a sense of service and gratitude.

Malki’s educational journey took him to the University of California at Davis, where he earned a history degree. His military service included roles with the US Army Reserves, the elite Night Stalkers, and the North Carolina National Guard, where he served until a training accident led to his medical discharge.

Malki later attended Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering, gaining deep insights into intellectual property law, advanced engineering project management, and financial management of military and aerospace contracts.

Continuing Influence
Following his tenure at Seven-Star, Malki founded The Power Point, LLC, advising sustainable businesses on policies like the USMCA, RAISE, and the JOBS Act. He recently developed the American Legacy Fund, an ESG-focused funding portal, and received a certificate from the Climate Bond Institute on GSS+ Green Bonds.

The Power Point, LLC is registered with SAM.gov and is in the process of being certified as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), continuing Malki’s commitment to sustainability and national service.




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